Peggy J Kirk


SJSU, BFA in Pictorial Arts, BFA adviser Rupert Garcia


Santa Cruz Mountains Art Center

Santa Cruz Art Leugue

Artist Statement

Whether I’m painting a person or a teapot, the subject matter is only the vehicle, a point of departure. Once I start the painting, anything and some times everything must change. Even the most perfect of moments has to go so something special can develop. It takes something remarkable to draw our attention away from information overload. So we can reach past the information mediocrity overload, slow down and question our perceived reality. That transformative thing could be an event; a surprising diagnosis or the unexpected death of a close friend. Transformation can also come through the arts, a book, a play, a painting or a film. We all bring our unique experiences to the table. I endeavor to be part of that transformative process. To reach out of the here and now, consider what has been, what could be and what will be left behind.

Drawing, Painting