Hello! My name is Phoenix, The MoodyArtist.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

I, Phoenix am not moody or brooding, rather The Moody Artist is about creating ‘moods’. The use of bright colors with a sense of wind blowing them across the canvas is the ‘mood’ created. I love creating a moving experience through painting. Much of my work is loaded with texture and some with 3-D.

Listening to music of Jazz, Classical and Folk gives me passion to create images, colors and textures that dance their way onto my canvas.

Growing up in Seattle, there was a lot of beauty to inspire me and painting would feed my soul. My Aunt was also an Artist; she did stunning larger-than-life florals in pastels with such grace and style. In my young adult life, Picasso’s diverse style, subjects and mediums fed my interest in artist expression. I believe this has greatly inspired and influenced my eclectic style on canvas.

The first time I took an art class in the early seventies using oils I fell in love! Acrylics have added a whole other technique and diversity to my creativity on canvas. My signature style is to use texture, vibrant colors, a sense of motion and some 3-D effects. Sometimes I’ll add an interesting medium that will catch the eye by surprise. My passion to paint reaches out to express: Freestyle-Abstract, Contemporary, Surreal and Ethereal sometimes combined with Realism.

My work has primarily been sold in the North and Southwest through Galleries, Juried Shows, and a following of Private Collectors.

Life is a moving experience. I have been all over the West; I moved to Santa Cruz in June of 2011 to be part of a fabulous creative community. I’ve taken classes in many other locations; primarily in the use of oils and acrylics, and live model drawing classes. I’ve attended a few sessions here in Santa Cruz. Mostly I am self-taught through experience and by a variety of study. I’ve learned a lot through my friendship with other gifted artists, gallery installs, reading, exploring and experimenting.

I have taken commissions for Private Collections, including designs for Feng Shui paintings to improve space and energy for a better harmonious mood, bringing positive effects. Enrich your space with some beauty, color and liveliness. Start a Collection for your home or business today from Phoenix, The Moody Artist.Make an appointment for a ‘fitting’ at your home or office; or to make a purchase please contact me through my Profile, or call me 831 462 1620. Let’s meet soon! I’ve included a sampling of images of my Original Paintings, Prints and Photography. Thank you for your support!

REMINDER: August 2, 2013 is the Reception for my new exhibit at Caffe Pergolisi in Santa Cruz. I will have available for purchase Original Paintings, Prints, Photography, Greeting Cards and Stickers/Labels. The exhibit will be up for the month of August 2013.

Conceptual Art, Painting, Photography