From a love of gardening, to a degree in agriculture, a deep appreciation has grown and blossomed for the living world and what I believe to be the most beautiful artistic medium; the incredibly diverse world of plants.

They offer a second-to-none spectrum of natural hues, tones, textures, and shapes. Their natural beauty doesn’t have to come alive, it already is. 

The Canvas: a soil-less medium that allows for the creative inspiration to become a masterpiece. The most satisfying planting-creating-expression experience possible.

And now I find myself inspired. Constantly! It’s one thing to garden, another to landscape, but there is something dynamic about hanging a finished, planted living work of art. It brings the intense beauty to eye level. It allows for a closer relationship to the living world around us. The details of color, shape, and depth are now much more visible. 

Visible because they’re IN YOUR FACE!

…where the best things belong to be appreciated ;)


Conceptual Art, Mixed Media, Mural, Other