Rain Jordan

I hold a B.A. and an M.F.A. from San Jose State University; I reside and work in Rio Del Mar.  I paint in textural Geometric Abstract Impressionism–a style I created–with acrylics as my main medium.  I also work in mixed media abstracts and scapes. My works are held in private collections in California, New York, and Australia. While some may seem purely abstract at first glance, in fact my paintings are usually abstracted impressions of nature–seascapes, landscapes, beachscapes, waves, et cetera–or of life as part of nature. I also enjoy creating commissioned pieces.  (Speaking of commissions, for my ‘day job’ I work as a Realtor, so call me if you need a really great, creative agent and I will donate a portion of my commission from our real estate transaction to the local artistic or animal welfare non-profit of your choice.)  I can be reached at WelcomeToTheSea@comcast.net or 831.239.9417.

Mixed Media, Painting