Rochelle Carr

In 2011, I unexpectedly came across an old letter I had written when I was nine years old. I called myself an “artist,” expressed my love for art and filled the page with pencil sketches and poetry. It was life affirming to realize that the seeds of an artist’s life had been planted so long ago and re-emerged in full force as a young adult. Emotion, layers of vibrant color, and my connection to family and friends play a significant role in my creation of fine art. My five-year-old niece Alexandra died of cancer sixteen years ago. Long hours in the hospital during chemo inspired creations of poetry and hearts that have remained a common thread in my work today. My early art focused on mixed media creations: fiber arts, mosaic work, metal sculpture, and jewelry. As my art evolved towards painting, I was drawn to the abstract expressionism you see in my portfolio today: sculpture on wood (or canvas) forming works created by multiple layers of paint. I have sold mixed media, paintings and works of poetry for more than twenty years. My innovative, whimsical, playful style blends sculpture (using paint or wall plaster) with the rich tones of acrylics, oils, and gold leaf. My life is inspired by two themes, and you can find both in my fine art and poetry. A heart theme in my work expresses the soul-felt theme that guides me: “Follow your heart.” Iridescent accents and deep contrasting colors carry my personal motto “Live out loud.” “Adventure lies not in the places we seek, but in the moments we create in the places we treasure.” –RMC

Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture