Rosalind San Felipe

In the first grade, Rosalind wrote and illustrated her first book. She convinced her mother to drive her to the library, so she could sell it to them. Since then she has been creating art in many careers including jewelry designer, florist, home and garden couturier, as well as a fine artist, and still selling her work. Just not to the library.

After she graduated from California College of the Arts, she looked for new ways to incorporate collage into her oil paintings and drawings. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle became Rosalind’s mantra. Everyday household items take on new life when mixed onto her canvas or paper. Overall, you may not notice these details, but upon a closer eye level view you see smaller components that create the whole. These details also become biographical, as they are pieces of Rosalind’s daily life, picked out from the drawer, closet, book, magazine or kitchen.

Food box, cheese or fruit bag mesh, nail polish, makeup, prescription info paper, tape, jewels, all manner of glue and paint can be discovered within her realm of fashionable women and horses. Inspiration from her home by the sea in Aptos, California keeps her doing what she loves, creating beauty. And she still visits the library.

Drawing, Illustration, Mixed Media, Mural, Painting