rosemary chasey

 I have been a professional fine artist and graphic designer for over forty years. Both my parents were artists, so I was around canvas, paints, and clay from the very beginning. That is when my passion for art began. My skills were recognized at a young age, and I received a scholarship to Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh, PA, at age 11. After high school I attended Pittsburgh Art Institute. After that I  sold paintings privately and though galleries in Pennsylvania and in California . I also have did many portraits of children and adults.

As an adult, I returned to school. I studied fine art and graphic design.

I worked for 11 years for a company in San Diego, creating images in ink for thier publications.  In 1984 a new medium got my attention. The Mac was born. No waiting for ink to dry. MacDraw took the place of pen and ink. With graphic design, I bring my fine art skills to the Mac.

I moved to Northern California in 1996 and to Santa Cruz in 1998. I have worked with many start-up companies, including one in the U.K., creating logos and product images, and helping to create the basic look of the company. With this medium I also created t-shirt designs and have formatted my art to greeting cards, which have been displayed across the country.

After working 15 years for Nordic Naturals, in Watsonville, I am back to my fine art. I love it. My favorite subjects are, animals and people.I will be showing at the members exhibition at the Santa Cruz Art League. I hope to participate in First Friday.

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Digital Art, Drawing, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture