Stoney Miller

A Monterey Bay Native, inspired by nature. Focus of art is where the sea meets the land. Stability and the instability of the moment. With a back ground in tribal wave designs’. Now exploring textures and mix mediums,  A mix of  land features and large waves with water current and sky accents. Art  has been a passion of mine, and will continue to be for life.

  My quote I’d like to share with you is from Captain Vancouver, (Competitiveness was not an Ohlones’ virtue. In fact, to stand out and place one’s self above the society was considered a serious vice – the mark of a dangerous, grossly unbalanced person. When praise and honor came, it came not to the egotists or the braggarts, but to those who showed the most moderation an restraint, to those who were able to share most generously)

 Hope you enjoy!

Digital Art, Drawing, Mixed Media, Mural, Painting, Photography