Suzy Norris

In the spring of 2013, Suzy Norris was quite suddenly touched by an art angel. At the time, she was facing a very rocky time of health-challenges related to late-stage lyme disease, and was being brought to her knees by the experience, It was then, at this low point in her life, that her dear friend and partner, Fred, encouraged her to take up art as a way of connecting back into joy. With that sugenstion, doors flew open, and a brand new world of art danced into her life.

For much of her life, Suzy has made her living as a luthier, specializing in unusual, sympathetically-strung violin family instruments, but until 2013, she had never spent much time with a paintbrush, or been moved by the vast worlds of photo art.

Suzy happily began painting, as her health allowed, and soon-there-after, discovered the magical world of digital photo collage, which she does using an ipad and a number of amazing photo-editing apps created especially for the ipad. For Suzy, being inside the flow of an artistic process miraculously stops the busyness of life, opening her into channels of beauty, depth and wonder. Her paintings and photo-art pieces are spontneous unfulings, each one an expression of something about life that touches her deeply in some way.

If you enjoy the art you see here and would like to see more, you are most welcome to stop by Suzy’s website: hhtp:// She would love to meet you!

Conceptual Art, Digital Art, Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography