Suzy Norris

After a childhood full of adventure, humor and lots of love, Suzy was surprised when, in her late twenties, life touched her with a tenacious illness that has by now accompanied her for nearly 40 years. The illness (brought on by repeated exposure to toxic dyes, woodworking finishes and Lyme spirochetes), has tested, tempered, and taught her great lessons; an honorable, but most challenging partner in life.

In 2013 she began to paint as a way of helping herself remember joy. Much of her past livelihood was flying away as it became increasingly difficult to keep up with her work as violin maker and herbalist. But as so many of us discover when facing life’s challenges, it is often when we are most stopped in our tracks that the sweetness of life finds it’s way to bloom within us. And so it was for Suzy, when her dear partner Fred suggested that maybe she would like to take up painting. With a few brushes and a box of watercolors, this new journey began, and has blessed her with daily wonder ever since.

Looking at life through the eyes of an artist is an amazingly playful activity. Suzy’s art-eyes see beauty everywhere, and when she’s painting, the busyness of the world melts away, leaving her present, focused, and alive to the creative festival dancing through her. In the past few years she has explored watercolor, mixed media painting and drawing, digital art, and most recently oil painting, having discovered a brand of paints that is beautifully non-reactive to her very sensitive body. How vibrant and sensuous these oil paints are! And full of so many surprises too!

If you enjoy the art you see here and would like to see more, you are most welcome to stop by Suzy’s website: She would love to meet you!