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Sylvia Valentine, Award Winning Nature Photography

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Thank you Santa Cruz for voting me Best Photographer two years in a row 2011-2012 and runner up 2010!

My photography is a reflection of what my heart connects with in the moment. My name Sylvia means “Maiden of the Woods” and I’ve always felt connected to Nature, particularly with trees and forests. I love capturing the Spirit of a place, often using close angles and light to bring a magical, unique perspective.

I re-discovered my love of artistic photography on a trip to New Zealand in 2008 with my husband Paul. We love to travel and experience the richness of other cultures and landscapes. And we’re always exploring nooks and crannies near our home too! Many of my favorite photos are from our own backyard…Carmel, Big Sur, Corralitos and Santa Cruz.

I’m not formally trained as an artist. I photograph organically and intuitively and continue to learn everyday. And I’ve been told you can’t teach a “good eye”!

I have a bachelors in Holistic Medicine (Ayurveda) and a masters in Spiritual Psychology.

I contribute a portion of all photo sales to humanitarian and environmental projects I know personally like I hope my photography inspires you! Feel free to connect personally anytime…I love expanding my community.

Available: Framed Enlargements, Gallery Shows in your venue, Mats, Prints, Greeting Cards, Mouse Pads, Magnets, Mini-frames, Postcards and more! All photos available in various size and custom framing formats (mat and glass, canvas and metal etc). Just ask!

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