Tanya Yvette

Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tanya Yvette commenced her artistic training in the realms of classical ballet and modern dance. She later studied fine art as a sculpture major at the oldest museum and school in the United States – The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Continuing, she earned her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania, where she also concentrated in Italian Language studies.

Her multi-arts background provides a rich archive of inspirations to draw upon. She shares the creeds of such Modern Art giants as Hector Guimard, Walter Gropius, and Frank Lloyd Wright who each believed that art should be infused into the functional aspects of life.

Additionally, Tanya Yvette asserts the notion that sublime beauty and lyrical expression have the power to uplift the human experience and bridge social divides. She has conveyed these stances through her work as an inner city, public school art teacher and as a leader of nonprofit initiatives such as The Kelsey Pharr Mural Arts Club, which she founded and the fundraising exhibition A Home for Henry, which she coproduced with Bowes Dermatology to provide medical outreach in Dominican Republic. Promotion of the arts, community activism, and child advocacy lie at the heart of her endeavors with these organizations. 

Conceptual Art, Drawing, Mixed Media, Mural, Painting, Print-Making, Printing, Sculpture