Tracy Oliver

Beyond our everyday perception, my art hints at elements that surround us on levels beyond our normal awareness. On a micro level, we share an atmospheric sea with dust made of stars and skin and scales, all made iridescent by water molecules and light. On a macro level, to paraphrase the poet, Jean Tooner, we don’t posses imagination enough to sense what we’re missing.

My method is divergent, and often me working to balance the mystical or inexplicable against the seemingly fixed laws of nature. Often times, a painting will appear in my mind fully formed and hover in my head until I attempt – with varying degrees of success – to re-create it on canvas. These paintings generally happen fast. Other times, I lay down layers of texture and color and work – sometimes over a period of months – until a composition feels complete. 

While I’ve taken classes from a number of good teachers, I consider myself self-taught. My art style was influenced by a trip to old Jerusalem and the brilliant and enduring colors achieved through fired enamel. 

I believe, as artists and writers, we owe it to ourselves and each other to work…live…breathe our passions. In this way we offer the world the best we have to give. The creative spirit feeds your soul when you feed it, but it feeds on your soul when you don’t. 


San Francisco State University

Psychology 1995

MFA coursework 2008


Artslant Showcase Winner, 2011, Chaos Theory


2015, Everybody’s Ocean, Museum of Art & History, Santa Cruz, CA. 2014


Robert Mintz Collection

Marc Hughes

Jamison Hemingway

Laurel Hunter & Rick Nemitz


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Conceptual Art, Mixed Media, Other, Painting