Trey Roberts

Hi! My name is Trey Roberts and I am a photographer who recently moved to Aptos, CA. I grew up in Western New York where I began my passion for photography and adventure. The winters are dark and dreary, but are a nice break to focus on yourself and cultivate creativity. I embarked on my journey to California in January 2016 and found myself in the little beach town of Los Osos. I found myself at home in the cool temperatures and the constant fog that would roll in. I fell in love with the mood and the feeling of the town and spent a lot of time exploring the beautiful coastal region. Many of my landscapes show California in a way that is contrary to the stereotypical images I grew up seeing of California. Those images of a sunny, touristy, palm tree clad landscape were replaced with fog, hazardous cliffs, violent waves, and emptiness. I try to explore the beauty of California while at the same time not showing the typical images you might associate with it. I hope I can work with someone in the future and be involved in the beauty that is First Friday.