Vivienne Orgel

Vivienne Orgel is a Santa Cruz artist who has lived in the area for more than 35 years. She loves capturing nature’s beauty (and some rusty metal and urban funk too) via photography as she roves the Central Coast enjoying its riches – oaks, tafoni, wildflowers, sexy eucalypts, fertile fungi, ladybirds and banana slugs! Most images have very little adjusting done, unless they are radically “posterized” and altered.

Vivienne also experiments with textile arts, including modifying t-shirts and thrift store clothing using  natural dyes, bleach, rust and a variety of shibori and stitchery techniques. A class at Cabrillo College led to some blissful hours of pure play, not knowing what surprises were in store when untying the dyed or bleached/discharged  fabric samples. At home  experimentation has included natural dyes, two great ones being  pesky sourgrass/oxalis flowers and black bean juice. Additional art explorations include pique assiette mosaic, knitting, and papercutting. She welcomes questions and communication – and

Fiber-Arts, Photography